Why we put together Health 2.0 Sacramento

Why we put together Health 2.0 Sacramento

Sacramento local fare

“There’s not too many people here interested in this space,” Keisuke told me as we munched over lunch. (Above is a visual approximation, but still, a local treat from Opa Opa near CSUS.)

We sat at UC Davis Medical Center’s cafe, trading ideas for a good hour. Keisuke runs mobile technology projects abroad as part of his Washington D.C.-based third world initiative. But managing that remotely — plus medical school on the West Coast and meeting people in the tech space — I imagine must be challenging.

“I don’t think so,” I disagreed. “I already met Gabriela at the Center for Biophotonics Science & Technology. There’s a new Society of Physician Entrepreneurs chapter that just started. SARTA has Medstart. And UC Davis has lots of talent to offer.”

I proceeded to stab my dessert with a compostable fork. “It’s not like San Francisco, sure, but there’s still a lot going on.”

That’s when it hit me. We needed to find some way to bring together local geeks interested in this space. Some venue, for free, without paying $$$, so that even cash-starved start-ups and brilliant Ph.D. candidates supported by shoestring NIH grants can meet & support each other and trade cool ideas.

Health 2.0 San Francisco had packed conferences in 2012, bringing together key industry players. Health 2.0 San Francisco had many great keynote speeches and product demonstrations.

I used to be a volunteer at Health 2.0’s conferences. This is the perfect name for such a group!

So three of us met up to plan and hatch this. We’re hoping you’ll join us for the ride, so we can all meet up for coffee or pizza, and improve healthcare one line of code at a time.

Steven Chan